Meet the bad guys

Learn more about the bad guys, and how best to protect your companions from their devastating effects.

Meet the bad guys

Get the facts about fleas

Did you know the world is home to over 2,000 species of flea and the most common is the cat flea? They´re not just a problem for your pets, but fleas can infest in your carpets and beds during summer months, they’re a problem almost everywhere. Even pets that never go outdoors are at risk from fleas that find their way inside the house - and once they’re in, they’re notoriously hard to get rid of. To stop repeat infestations, you need to break the flea life cycle once and for all.

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Facts About Fleas
Dirt on Ticks

Get the dirt on ticks

Most of us are familiar with ticks. Chances are you’ve had one of those nasty little suckers latch on to you at some point. While they’re hazardous for humans, they’re deadly for our pets - and yet we know our beloved furry friends often don’t receive regular treatments to protect against them. Taking the title of the single most dangerous tick for dogs in Australia, paralysis ticks are related to spiders and can lay up to 3,000 eggs at a time.

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Get the hard truth on heartworm

No matter how hard we try to avoid mosquitoes, they frequently find a way to our skin. For cats, one bite can be perilous. Heartworm transfers easily among animals through a single mosquito bite, posing a risk to indoor as well as outdoor cats. These thread-like worms take up residence in the heart and lungs, leading to lung disease, heart failure and damage to other organs in the body. Referred to as a silent killer, symptoms show late and treatments are rarely effective.

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Get the hard truth on heartworms
Dirt on Ticks

Get the inside story on intestinal worms

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but even the most sanitary conditions won't guarantee your cat is protected from intestinal worms. Easily picked up from the environment, these nasty little worms make a home in your furry friend's intestinal tract, leading to a range of health issues. With very few visible symptoms, they frequently pass from mothers to new-born litters, often laying dormant until times of stress.

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Introducing the lesser known parasites…

While fleas and ticks get a lot of attention, they’re not the only risks your pet faces day-to-day. If you’ve had a young pup, you may have encountered the Demodex mite - or more specifically demodectic mange, a skin disease caused by the mites that commonly affects the face and legs of young dogs.

Or perhaps you’ve encountered the Sarcoptes mite? Most commonly spread through exposure to other dogs (from parks and playgrounds to households), the highly contagious mites move quickly from animal to animal, causing intense itching, redness, hair loss and crusts.

Then there are ear mites, which can affect both dogs and cats. Luckily for you and your pet, Bravecto Chew for Dogs can treat and control against these lesser known parasites. Bravecto Plus treats cats for ear mites.

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