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Our vision at MSD Animal Health is The Science of Healthier Animals, and Bravecto is a remarkable result of that vision. This flea and tick treatment for dogs achieves the combination of highly potent insecticidal efficacy and persistent activity with a strong safety profile.

We are very proud to bring to you the following peer-reviewed publications, recognizing that these papers present just a fraction of the tremendous effort that went into developing and obtaining regulatory approval for Bravecto (fluralaner).  

This material is provided by BioMed Central Ltd. as a professional service to the medical community. Information related to any product(s) may not be consistent with the Product information. Please consult the full Product Information for approved information on any products discussed in this publication and before prescribing. This work has been licensed by BioMed Central Ltd. except as permitted by the Copyright Act, you must not re-use this work without permission of the copyright owner.

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