"Ella and her service dog Harry have found using Bravecto so easy - just every 3 months! It was recommended by our vet - we love how easy it is to use and it's great knowing that my beautiful boy has been protected."

Becky Wood


"We've used Bravecto this summer as we have a nasty case of ground fleas in our area. He hasn't been affected in the slightest bit and is still his happy self. For that, I thank you Bravecto!"

Boston's owner, Mitchell


“This is Gordie, my neo mastiff x. We live on 17 acres and Gordie likes to explore whenever he gets the chance. Living in Queensland, paralysis ticks are a big worry so I was excited to try out Bravecto. I love the fact that it protects from paralysis ticks for up to 4 months. He is on his second dose now and still exploring the bush whenever he can - and I can relax knowing he has the best protection I can give him.”

Shellee Howard

Chloe & Bronte

"We have 2 fur babies - Chloe the Labrador and Bronte the Labradoodle. We live in Kempsey on the beautiful mid-North Coast of NSW. We love Bravecto for peace of mind! My girls are going on an 8 day doggy retreat next week, swimming in the creek, bush walks and hours of playing with new friends! It's so re-assuring that my girls will have a great time knowing they are protected, wet or dry! I also don't have to worry about the caretakers re-applying whilst they are away!”

Chloe and Bronte's Mum, Skye

Ego & Peppa

"I live on the sunny Coast of Queensland and paralysis ticks are so bad here, even my husband and I have had them. I have two gorgeous Labradors, both rescue dogs I adopted, called Ego and Peppa. I love that I use Bravecto every three months instead of monthly, and it actually works! Not one paralysis tick has been found on either dog! My area is very bad for paralysis ticks, plus we are on a small acreage. The bonus is it works for fleas too!"

Lyn Ryan

Black Ears

"Our Moodle is named BE - Black Ears. We live on a battleaxe block in a suburb of Lake Macquarie in NSW, so we are surrounded by trees. We recently tried Bravecto and we love it for peace of mind knowing that our fur baby is protected. He had a paralysis tick when he was 6 months old so we have to make sure he is fully protected or another tick could be fatal."

Lisa Chawner


“Hi Bravecto - I just wanted to let you know how amazing and impressed I am with this product. We have spent so much money on flea treatments for our dog and ended up with fleas still all over him. The next day after treating Jet he was just about clear and a week later he had no fleas, and STILL has none. We will definitely keep buying this product. Job WELL DONE!”

Crystal Shaw

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